Products trademarked HQRP(r) are marketed and sold exclusively by HQRP-UK. Macedonian Keyboard Stickers for any IBM, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Compaq and other DeskTop & LapTop brands and models. Easy To locate If you have any PC keyboard, you can easily reconvert it to a UK/English well-expressed apply the stickers to the appropriate keys. Laminated construction enhances look and maximizes durability. bolster finish eliminates reflections. Black plot color makes sticker invisible, and alows existing characters to image through. High Quality Keyboard adherent High Quality Adhesive material keeps labels in place until with purpose removed. Clear Alternative stickers range over not collect dirt and the color does not deteriorate mid time.

HQRP UK English Laminated Non-Transparent Keyboard Stickers with White Lettering on Black Background for PC Desktop Laptop plus HQRP Coaster

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