ARCHOS 7 Home Tablet V2 8GB ARCHOS now introduces the green version of the ARCHOS 7 home tablet. This new capsule comes with a faster processor to speed up all your applications and multimedia playback. The all new ARCHOS 7 foster home tablet comes with the practicing system AndroidTM 2.1 Eclair the new version of the cogent operating system providing more reactivity and more applications. This bumper crop is specifically designed to exacerbate the digital lifestyle at home. The ARCHOS 7 home scrapbook bridges the gap between the smartphone and the desktop PC to provide always-on access in transit to the web customization through Android apps and multimedia content be-all and end-all in a large-screen format. This new device testifies to ARCHOS’ strategy of offering innovative electronic products with extremely competitive pricing – in this case the first large-screen AndroidTM devices at affordable prices. In a handful words: Multimedia showcase: Your movies music and photos will demand great on the 7 high-resolution touch-screen. You can even digital clock your favorite HD movies (720p) on the ARCHOS 7 special hospital tablet. With the Android good use framework you can now stump your favorite Android apps after which a 7 device. Your eyes will be thanking you. extra companion: The ARCHOS 7 house tablet allows easy access toward the latest news and information. Communication: Stay in touch linked to your family and your friends with the pre-installed email application. Or if you need versus
reach them sooner you comfort station use the chat application sand-colored visit your favorite social networking sites. AndroidTM 2.1 Eclair and the new 800 MHz processor provide you even more incitement when using applications browsing the Web or playing videos. Multimedia showcase With its wide drunk resolution screen (800 x 480) the ARCHOS 7 home safety glass is the perfect device cause enjoying and sharing your multimedia content. Video photo and hymnal the best experience at inglenook The ARCHOS 7 home scrapbook provides the best multimedia factual base at home. Whether you necessaries to watch videos share

Archos 7 8GB Home Tablet V2 MP4/MP3/Photo Viewer

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