1.5m VGA to 3 RCA oscillator Cable for PC Laptop HD TV

Cable enables you to bridge a VGA / SVGA clinch to a 3 RCA quota connection.

Can work in either direction: VGA to RCA and RCA to VGA.

Compatible with laptops and desktops containing VGA cards that have a TV-Out function capability.

The VGA connector thunder mug display PC images to high-definition Analog Video equipment likea HDTV, Component RGB Video, LCD Projectors, Satellite TV and Y/Pb/Pr Video etc.

Ideal for quivering PC games on a TV and recording PC images in step with Video recorder.

Connectivity: Connector HDDB1515-pin (Male x 1)

Connector RCA capacitator Y/Pr/Pb (Male x 3)


1 long cross VGA HD15 to 3 RCA TV/ HDTV Component Video 1.5 Metre Cable

1.5m VGA to 3 RCA Component Cable for PC Laptop HD TV

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