Power and data cable for USB devices! This cable can hold used to connect a PC to a bus-powered external USB device which has power herbivority requirements greater than 500mA (e.g. hard drive enclosures, USB 2.0 hubs etc.). It features dyadic USB Type A connectors: connective for data and power, and one for power only. The cable terminates in a minny B connector for connecting towards the device. For bus-powered USB devices with power consumption requirements of up to 1A have permission be used with either USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 peripherals 2 x Type A USB Male to USB Type peewee B Male Fully shielded cablegram with moulded connectors 10 month warranty

Ex-Pro USB Cable – Dual Power, 2 x Type A to mini B, USB 2.0, 1m. Provides additional USB power to high draw devices using MiniB (Eg External Hard Drives etc..)

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