We’ve all been there. You’ve just brewed yourself a steaming cup of liquid loveliness, you get back to your desk to a flurry of urgent emails and by the time you’ve averted all manner of minor disasters like the superhuman workhorse that you are, your cup of steaming refreshment is stone cold.

Worry not, office warrior, as we have a solution to your tepid tea dilemma in the rather lovely form of our USB Cup Warmer.

Plug it into a spare USB port on your computer and the Cup Warmer will keep your beverage at the optimum operating temperature for as long as you care to leave it.

eGadget Desktop USB Cup Warmer…Built in 4 Port USB Port for Use with Desktops / Laptops / Notebooks / Netbook / iMac / Macbook….Free Delivery….Next Day Delivery Option

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